CV and Cover Letter for first time Job Seekers

CV and cover letter

When preparing for the job market, a good CV and cover letter is required to give you a smooth job search. There is no way you would want to go on a job hunt without either one of these.  Most students face the temptation that they don’t need this document when going for a job hunt, or simply going for an internship opportunity. This is a wrong notion and must be done away with.

I do understand where this assertion may be coming from; the frustration of not knowing what to put on a CV and even how to design a quality CV and cover letter. However, this doesn’t make for an excuse since you can never do without these documents when job hunting.

Why do you need a CV and Cover Letter

A cover letter more or less is a piece written to introduce your intention for a job position. A normal cover letter should not be lengthy but should go straight to the main point of asking or seeking for an opportunity to work in an organisation.

The CV is a more detailed representation of you the job seeker on a piece of paper. this particulars needed for a job plays the role of elaborating more about your intentions and why you think you’re qualified for a particular position within an organisation.

Also, the cover letter, as an introductory note, gives your potential employer a quick glance of your personality before finally going into your CV. From your CV, you may then be invited in person to give more insight into your documents and cover letter.

So you see! A CV and cover letter are very important when you want to begin your job search as a student.

How should my CV and Cover Letter look like

For starters, to get a very good and catchy design for your CV, you need to,

  • Find a template to use.

There is no need trying to create your document from scratch since that can be time-consuming and also prone to unpardonable errors. To prevent this, simply go online and get a good template to work with.


Templates make your work very easy, as what is required of you is just to edit the template by inputting your details. Several resources on CV templates abound online and if you do a good search, you would definitely find one to use.


When it comes to the cover letter, follow the same steps, use a template to make things easier for you. There is no need reinventing the wheel.


For a good CV and cover letter template, check this site for varieties and pick one that best suits you.

  • Tailor your CV and cover letter according to each job your intend to apply

Every job comes with its specifications and qualities. As such, when preparing your CV and cover letter, make sure each is tailored to the specific job details.


There are instances you may use a generic CV but I think those days are long gone. when these documents are prepared specifically for a particular job are more potent and professional as compared to others.



  • Take time to proofread and read again


Proofreading ensures that you are safe from any unpardonable errors, be it grammar or formatting. Always take your time when proofreading, there is nothing to be gained by submitting a document full of mistakes and ambiguity.



  • You must never lie

Never presume that lying would get you a job, well it might but it wouldn’t last.

Honesty would do you more good if you embrace it daily and also in writing for a job.





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