Effective Time Management Strategies for Students

effectivetime management

I believe we all have heard the phrase effective time management as well as the saying “time and tide wait for no man”. If you haven’t, you just did. Time management refers to how best one makes use of the time available to him or her.

We all have 24 hours to live and go about our business and must ensure that we meet our goals within this same period.

However, in order to get all this done and done effectively, calls for an effective time management practice. To better understand what time management is, and for that matter effective time management, let’s look at some definitions.

What is Time Management

The Wikipedia defines time management as the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

In industrial practice, time management is seen as the method of identifying, valuing and reducing wasted time within an organization.

In short, time management is how you plan and make effective use of your time allocated to you in order to carry out a specific task.

The history of time management falls back to the time of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management techniques.

Fredericks aim was to increase worker activity. To achieve this, he conducted a study which consisted of time and motion with a focus on the best ways for jobs to be performed, in order to maximize the work completed in a given time.

Time Management Strategies for Students

For students to manage their time effectively, the following tips would serve as a guide to help the student plan their student life in order to maximize their productivity.


  1. Eliminate distractions: distraction is one of the main factors that waste the time of students. They come in the form of social media engagements as well as other “fun” stuff which are not needed at a particular time.


Any activity that goes on at a time it is not needed or takes the place of your studies are distracters, and need to be pushed away if you really want to practice effective time management.


  1. Set Priorities: you must set your priorities for every blessed day and in every activity you want to carry out. This helps you avoid unnecessary task which would waste your time.

For instance, you should have things you want to do on Monday mornings and what you would want to do in the afternoon. When you have these clearly stated, you don’t get distracted by other activities.


  1. Use a calendar and a checklist: a checklist ensures that you carry out exact activities during the course of day, rather than doing everything that comes your way. A calendar also helps you to plan adequately the things you want to do.


With a calendar, you simply assign a date to when you want to carry out and activity. It serves as a planner for you, hence coordinates your day to day activities.


  1. Plan your Time: this is at the core of an effective time management. Planning your time involves setting an appropriate time frame for all your activities. This helps to coordinate all your activities and also ensure that you maximize your time effectively.


  1. Sleep Well: finally, having time to sleep well is very important. Sleep is very important if you want to be effective in your day to day activities. Sleep ensures that you become revitalized and ready to carry out task.


Time Managemnt Tips for Students

Don’t over load your schedule

The number one mistake most students make when planning their schedule or time table is to over load it. Overloading your schedule does nothing good to you but puts stress on you.

You would agree with me that an overload of activities a day would not be good for your time management practice. In a bid to satisfy all the activities on your schedule, you would end up stressing yourself and also wasting your precious time as well.

So, how do you deal with this?


Breakdown your Task

When task are done one at a time, it helps to do them well and that is what effective time management is all about;  Breakdown bigger task into smaller units so that you would carry them out well.

For instance, it would be good to break difficult and time consuming topics in school into smaller units so as to cover them all. An example is a science topic like matter. The topic is so broad such that you can’t cover all aspects of it.

In this case, the right thing to do is to take the topic aspect by aspect so that you can grasp everything well.


Learn to Prioritize

Placing priority on key activities is very important. This prevents you from doing all without really doing anything. I hope you have the saying “jack of all trades, master of nothing”

Prioritizing helps you manage time and resource as well as reduce.


Be Open to Changes

One way to effectively manage your time is to be an open book. By open book, you have to be accommodating to changes that occur around your environment.

To have an effective time management in every activity, you do, you must be open to changes and not remain rigid. Learn to adapt to every change and adjust accordingly so that you can maximize your time.


Get Motivated

We all need motivation to move on every day but the problem is, you don’t count on people to motivate you, you have to do that yourself.

Intrinsic motivation is very important if you want to be successful in anything you do. Try to motivate yourself every day to work your way to success.


Get to know your most active period

Determining when you are most active puts you in a position to plan your daily activities. For instance, when you determine that you are most active in the morning around 8:00am, and then you would put your most difficult or challenging task at that time.

This ensures that you carry out that task very well, thereby maximizing your time.


Try not to Miss your Classes

Many people may not know that this is an effective time management strategy, but it is very important to keep this in mind. Missing classes always puts you in the spot where you have to make time to cover what you missed in class.

Mostly, students try to make time to cover lessons they missed in class by going to colleagues to teach or explain them. What they don’t realize is that they a losing precious time to do that.

This same time could have been used to do other things which would have been more productive. Not attending classes puts your schedule in disarray, hence a recipe for failure.

On the other hand, a regular attendance to class gives you more time to work on other task such as gaining more time to work on difficult subjects or topics.

effective time management


Benefits of Effective Time Management

If you are wondering why I have taken this particular topic seriously, then my answer is simple. Effective time management has lots of benefits to reap from.

Not only is the practice of time management beneficial to the student, but also, it is very necessary and beneficial to everybody in any walk of life.

  • Effective management helps to reduce stress- the practice of stressing yourself to do so many things at a time is long past. When one practices time management, his life becomes less stressful as compared to previous times.

This is so because now you have put in place various ways to diversify how you used to do things.

  • More work is done- with time management in place, you get to have more work done because your time is well managed to make room for various task.


  • Better Planning and Forecasting- when your time is well managed, it gives you room to plan better towards your academic work and your life as a whole. Also, you are able to forecast your daily schedules or activities to better place them in your plans.


  • Promotes effective learning- a well planned life leads to an effective learning. As you manage your time by putting in place effective time manage measures, you make your academic life less stressful and time consuming, hence you get to study effectively.


  • It gets you prepared for working life- believe it or not; effective time management now, prepares you for your life work in the future. The principle that would become part of you over time would be needed in your working life.


  • You become more organized- being organized in life, no matter where you find yourself is very important with regards to how people view and evaluate you.


As you practice time management, you indirectly begin to put order in your life, which is needed to further help you in your work life and studies. Remember, a well organized mind is a sharp mind.


Other Benefits of  EffectiveTime Management

  • You get more free time
  • Less wasted time
  • Instills punctuality and discipline
  • Boost morale and confidence


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