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study effectively

Everyone studies one way or the other almost every day. For a student, studies are not just something you can easily bypass since that is what makes you a student. However, the problem has always been on how to study effectively in order to be an average student.


You might have probably come across several study skills but that does not rule out the fact the fact you would need more as you progress in your student life.

That is just the reason why this post stands out to help you get more ways to have an effective study plan so as to be a better student.

How to Study and Remember What you Learn

It is known facts many people have learning deficiencies which have affected them severely in their academics. This is the most painful aspect of school life where you put in your best and yet can’t still get it.

Below, I have highlighted some ways you can boost your learning in order to have confidence in your school life.

Have Time to Rest

Rest is essential in our everyday life and more so in that of the student. To be able to study effectively, you need to have adequate rest. Rest restores and rejuvenates the mind for fresher feeds.

Take your brain on a computer, after using it for several hours, it heats up and if care is not taken, starts to get damaged. In this fashion, when your brains get overused, they begin to burn out, leading to severe problems for your memory.

There is no point in burning your brains out, get enough rest by having adequate sleep every day so that your mind would always be fresh.

In the mid-1990s, Marcus Raichle, with his from Washington University, proved that the brain demands 20% of all energy the body produces. This shows the demand of the brain on the human system.

Adequate rest ensures that the brain gets all the resources it needs to function effectively, hence aiding in good memory and stable mind for studies. So, the mistake of burning the midnight oil should cease if you really want to have an effective study life.

Eat Well

Believe it or not, food plays a major role in your memory build up. A poor diet plan can affect you more in your schooling life than you can ever imagine. By eating well, what I mean is to eat a well-balanced diet and also at the right time.

A well-balanced diet plan would provide the fuel needed by the brain to function properly. Without food, you deny the body of its fuel, which is energy and hence there won’t be enough energy for brain power.

So, eat well to provide fuel for maximum brain power.

Change Study Scenery to help study effectively

Having a change of scenery simply means moving from where you have always been studying to another place. I know most students have their secret place of study, which is very good. However, it gets to a point where you simply can’t grasp something and this calls for a change of scenery in order to study effectively.

A change of scenery does not mean you should change your permanent place of study. Although sometimes it would be required of you to do that, Sometimes, it is best to move to a different place in order to grasp a concept or get something in your head.

This usually happens when you experience a mental block. Mental blocks can be frustrating and one way to resist it is to change the scenery.

Take Notes down Always

Writing down what you read is an effective memorization technique. This helps the brain to know which aspect of what you are studying is very important to you, hence stores that information for you.

Note taking arranges things systematically in the brain leading to an easy recall. This practice is very effective and a must for every student who wants an effective study technique.

Have some Classical Music to study effectively

What classical music does is to put your mind at ease. This genre of music provides soothing melodious rhythms which can have a healing effect on a tired brain. Music is meant to have a relaxing effect on us and that is exactly what classical music does.

Remember, don’t go for any heavy metal music or hip-hop music or highlife, others wise known in Ghana. These genres of music would only destruct you and further worsen your situation.

Student Studying Strategies

To develop an effective studying strategy requires a bit of tact which would require you to plan effectively throughout your school life. This involves having a hand of good time management practices and discipline.

So, what are some studying strategies for students?

  1. Plan and design a study table or timetable listing all your subjects and time allocated to each for your personal studies.
  2. Take notes of important events or dates such as exams, assignment or project work on your schedule calendar.
  3. Be discipline and follow your schedule or time table religiously. Don’t procrastinate as this would destruct your schedule.
  4. Go to class and be punctual. You can’t substitute this for anything less
  5. Always do well to read ahead of the class. This gives you room to ask questions during lessons to further your understanding of what you read.


Reading ahead also gives you an advantage as whatever you hear during lessons is a re-echo helping you to reestablish what you already have in memory.

  1. Do well to review your notes daily or at best weekly. This helps you prepare for exams in advance; also, you get prepared for un- announced quizzes.
  2. Compare notes with other mates to fill in gaps you might have left.

So, that does it. To be a top-notch student, apply the principles laid here and some others you can find to boost your studies. There is no magic involved when you want to study effectively, just be disciplined and you are good to go.

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