Job Interview and How to tell you Nailed the Job


Experiencing a moment of anxiety after attending an interview is quite normal for most people, but for others, this anxiety may persist for a long time, sometimes until they here from the interviewers.

All this is normal but unnecessary because rather than putting yourself through this stressful period, there are ways you can easily tell if you nailed the job or not so that your mind can be at peace.

Hints that you got the job After Interview

  • You’re asked a lot of personal questions

The first sign or hint to take note of is the sequence of questions you’re asked after the formal conversation. Whenever your interview takes to a personal tone that clearly shows that they like you and would hire you.


Some questions asked at this point can get very personal but don’t get frightened and intimidated, rather be open and discuss with them.


I remember the interview I attended for my current job, after the cursory formal questions, my interviewers changed their questions to more personal staff such as when I intend to get married and how I could get my spouse to join me at the organisation.


Though at the begging I wondered in my mind why these sequence of questions. When all was over, I was told to report back the following day to begin work. This experience thought me that when an interview gets more personal, then it’s a sure sign you’ve had the job.

Take note of this very well.


  • You’re told more about the organisation or workplace

Another hint is when the interviewers get chatty by telling you more about the organisation. Usually, they tell you the history of the organisation; how the organisation started, how far they have come and what they seek to achieve in the next few years.



  • When the interview is extended

When your interview period is extended during an interview, don’t get angry because it’s a good sign. The more time they spend on you, the more interest they’ve shown on you.


Not all people get this opportunity. Some interviews get very brief, I mean very brief and most at times it’s not a good thing. So when your’s is extended beyond what others before you had, take it as a good sign.


  • Discussions about start date

This is very obvious. When you’re asked about when you can start, simply give a big smile whiles giving your answer, because you’re hired.



  • When you’re asked how you can be reached

Usually, this question does not necessary mean that you will be hired. It could just be an assurance that you could be contacted after some considerations. However, it is a positive sign which you can put your hopes in. according to industry experts, this type of question keeps you in mind and you could be hired almost the following day.



  • When allowances and other incentives are brought up

This is also very obvious and should put a smile on your face

Signs you did not get the job after the interview

  1. When the job position is re-posted

This sign is often ignored by job seekers. When a job position is put up for advertisement after you have attended an interview on it, it means you did not get the job and not only you but all those who attended the interview have been rejected.


  1. The interview is very short or brisk

An interview that is cut short than usual is a bad signal. It simply means that your potential employers are not interested in you.


  1. You’ve not heard any news a week after the interview

When you’ve not heard any news from your potential employer after a week of attending an interview, you should get worried because it’s a bad sign that you missed the spot in landing a job.


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