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job search Having a successful job search today is very difficult today. Many people search for jobs virtually almost every minute or day. With the rise in global unemployment, the trend has become a daily activity in the lives of every job seeker. The task does easy on face value is more daunting than can ever be imagined. As much as people continue to search for jobs, the greater the turn over.  As of 2016, employee turnover rose to a high of 20.3% annually.  The figures look scary and could almost throw off any would be job applicant.


What the new job seeker has to realize is that in this high competitive market, one must stand out from the various trends and must also be technical in order to land that dream and that is the purpose for this guide, to you an urge over the competition.

How to Job Search

This is well known to be very important and must be done with a breeze. But for a newbie, this could prove to be a big challenge. So here is how to go about a job search as well as where to search for a job.


Unsolicited means: it is unsolicited because no one has invited you to drop any letter anywhere. You guessed right, with this type of approach, just walk into an organization and drop your C.V and cover letter there


Although you have not been asked, it gives you an advantage whenever the                     organization needs someone.  This is a bold step but one worth taking. Paying a   cursory visit to the organization of your choice is an important step but you should be always prepared for an interview when taking such visits. You must have your documents pertaining to the position you want or an open application letter. On your visit, show keen interest in the operations of the organization by asking intelligent questions. Who knows you might grab the attention of the manager.

This may sound un-professional but it really works.


Check local news papers: the local newspapers are full of information, mostly news items but also there is a portion where companies and organizations advertise. They are usually called classified ads. Just have a go at this section of a local newspaper and you could well find a job you would like to apply.


Employment agencies: these have become very popular these days as more and more graduates are churned out schools. The purpose of an employment agency is to do the job search for you. Usually you simple submit your cover letter or resume and the do the rest. Some of these agencies even offer to write a cover letter and resume for you.


The good thing about using employment agencies is the fact that they do the searching for you and for them to continue working, the make sure that they get you a job as soon as possible. Also, some organizations truly get in touch with these agencies to help recruit people for them which is a plus for the agency to easily hook clients up.


Job journals: although not very popular in some cultures, job journals provide great opportunities for getting a job. However, some journals may not be specifically for jobs but that does not stop you from having a go at them as well.


 Have a go at job search sites: these have become very phenomenon today as more and more organizations post job openings at these sites. Many have doubted the authenticity of the jobs usually found at these sites but I can attest to the fact they are very genuine as I have ever had a job through this means.


To give you these jobs right in your home or mail, most of these websites offer job alerts as either mails or SMS. Simply subscribe to these services and you will be furnished with new job postings.


Aside from this, some of the websites serve as recruitment sites or agencies. You submit your particulars to them, which is stored in their database. They in turn send out applications for you.


The good thing about such sites is that they go the extra mile to ensure that you get a job. But the downside is that you will be charged for their effort. This could range from paying a monthly fee or them taking a percentage of your salary from your new job for a limited time such as five months or one year. The decision to use recruitment sites or agencies is wholly your choice to make after weighing the pros and cons.


Visit good old Google: performing a simple job search on Google can really make a difference. Almost we all use Google virtually everyday but how many have used this great search engine to search for a job? Well give it a try and see what come up. As a top leading search engine, Google can pull in thousands of job postings and opportunities for you, right from any country or locality. I would describe Google as the mother of all job search portals.

 How to Get a Good Job

Finding a job is different from finding a good job.  You don’t just look for a job in most instances but whiles looking for the job, you must also aim at finding a good job. So how do you go about this?

Networking with peers: networking or connection as some will prefer it is very vital for you to arrive at a good job. The point is everybody knows somebody. We all have friends and our friends have also got friends. The essence here is to reach out to this network of friends, let them know your current state (there is no shame in this) and asked them to hook you up when a good opportunity comes up.


Make use of alumni: Calling on school alumni is also another good step. This opens your job search to a whole lot of people thereby improving your chances of finding your dream job. You can hook up with alumni by attending events organized by them or also joining social media group(s) created specifically for the alumni.


Social media: Whether most agree or not social media has become a giant industry with millions of opportunities for job seekers and career changers. Almost everyone has a social media account and businesses and organizations are not left out.

What more, top executives and business gurus also have social media accounts? What is the catch? Well with these people using social media, the chances of selling yourself to them is very high and not in a formal way. With the right approach, you can create a relationship with a top executive who would most likely employ you.

Though several of these platforms exist, I would talk on only two which are my personal favorites; LINKEDIN and PINTEREST.


LinkedIn is a platform which provides you with several opportunities to link up with top business executives and professionals. You get to create connections and present your profile which when done well will attract the right people to you.


I have a rich experience in LinkedIn since it has served me well in diverse ways. To make it more interesting, you get to interrupt and update yourself with the latest trends in your career paths.


I am a school administrator and I would confess that I have enriched myself by learning from other top administrators on LinkedIn. I have received job offers countless times and still continue to do.


When used properly, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can make your job search more fruitful. The catch is in your profile which is what everyone would see so with a nicely done profile, which you can have written for you at or if you can, do it yourself to attract the right people to you.


Pinterest like the name sounds is a platform where you share your interest with others. With over 25 million users, this platform is quickly gaining grounds and also becoming ever popular with business people as well. With a combination of these two platforms and a bit of professionalism you could well be on your way to landing a job.


Use recruiters: the reality is that not all jobs are made public or posted for the public to know. Some organizations find workers through job recruiters. Finding your dream job through these recruiting agencies is a sure guarantee to finding a good job.


Alright now that you have a good job I guess that means you are fully satisfied! Of course not, finding a good job is just fine but what is the catch when you can go further?

Finding a Job You Love

In order to find a job you truly love means you are narrowing your job search from broad to specific and this calls for something extraordinary right? No, to find a job you love, you simply need to be more tactical such as:



This is the first step every job seeker should take, Your CV or Resume talks much about you; presenting your skills and abilities to your prospective employer. Also, the cover letter briefly spells out your competencies for the desired job you are applying for. Whether you are looking to change a job or career, or you are a new entrant, preparing your CV, resume and cover letter to suit the type of job or career change is very important.


The mistake most people make is presenting one resume or CV to almost three or more job applications. Some even go as far as presenting similar cover letters for more jobs. This is a serious error and must be done away with if you are looking to land your dream job.


It is important that all your particulars are written to suit the exact position or job you are applying for. For instance when applying for a teaching job, your cover letter, CV or resume should be curved to suit the teaching position you are applying for. In cases where you are not sure of how to present your particulars or update your particulars, there are several companies online that are specialized in writing such documents.


One I have used at all times for various reasons is, but there are equally good once out there who can assist you to curve your documents to suit the exact position you are applying for.



Yeah, you heard right, a good network can lead you to the job you love. As you connect with other people, you indirectly widening your scope hence opening yourself to bigger opportunities to getting the job you love.

Getting the job you love means you must get your name to the right people. Here is how you do that:

How to Get Your Name Out There

To get your name to the right people requires that you prepare an effective CV or resume accompanying your cover letter. Remember, a good CV and cover letter would speak volumes for you so get it right.

Aside from a good CV and cover letter, you also need to make your networking very effect. Tap into the power a network of professionals can lead to realize your dreams.


Doing an internship is simply requesting to work in a particular organization as a temporal staff. This is a good strategy in your job search. You do not need to have a permanent job before you can call yourself employed.


But in most cases, that is so. Many also detest being interns because they have never seen anything good out of it. The strategy here is to apply to an organization as an intern, put up your best performance, familiarize yourself with the day to day activities of the organization and create connections with the permanent employees as well.


This strategy has helped many people to land their dream jobs almost within a month or two. Remember the best attitude is a sales letter on its own.

How to Respond to Job Offer(s)

Finally now you have all the basic facts to guide you in your job search and when followed these steps would give you fresher insights as to how to go about your job search. The question now is after receiving a job offers what next?


When you receive a job offer, the best way to respond, especially if it is one you really love, is to show excitement and gratitude to your new employer. In a case where you don’t really like the job, then politely decline or reject it.

Also, take care to review the terms and conditions that come with your appointment, such as salary, career development, as well as measures that would ensure you give in your best.

Happy job hunting.





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