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How did you perform your last job search? How many resources did you get to put in your job search? Better still, how have you adjusted your search skills over a period of disappointment? No answers, never mind, let me introduce you to the new era of using recruitment agencies in your job search.


Have you realised that how you performed a simple job search say five years ago has changed? This is so because of high numbers of people looking for jobs every day. I know for a fact that organisations post job openings virtually every day but while some easily gain access to these openings, others do not.

Even in some instances, those who have access to these openings never get the chance of gaining employment in those organisations or get a job as a whole.

However, the story is totally different with others. They leave school and immediately land a job a couple of months later. Or, they leave a job today and find another one just the following day. Have you ever asked yourself how this is possible?

Well, I would tell you why this is possible. The bare fact is that this class of people have found a new secret in cracking the job market wide open whenever they are in need. What this secret is would give you a shock because it has been right under your nose without you realising it.

Enough of the taunts I guess, right? Well, the secret of this group of people is known other than they harnessing the power of recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies have been with us close to a decade now but unfortunately, many job seekers have not seen their use when doing a job search.

We are all mostly absorbed in the traditional method of job searches such as looking at the classified ad section of the daily graphic or other newspapers of repute. Not that this is wrong, but what you have to realise is that the game of job search has changed.

So, let’s look at how this new era of job recruitment agencies play to our advantage when we are looking for a lucrative job.

What are Recruitment agencies

Basically, recruitment agencies are firms or organisations, mostly outside or not part of the employers’ organisations who find potential employees for employers. They are the middle man between the job seeker and the employer to be.

Today, many employers get or recruit employees through these recruitment agencies. The agencies are so connected such that when you join them, you have access to jobs that are often not made open to the public.

These recruitment agencies have a high trust rate such that organisations entrust them with the task of finding the right employees for them.

Mostly, people shy away from recruitment agencies because of their past experiences from other organisations or agencies they have dealt with in the past. Well, there are two different agencies that are involved in finding potential employees for employers; the recruitment agency and the employment agency.

The main difference between these two is that recruitment agencies find employees for employers, and the employers have the sole right of the employee or if you like, the employer owns the employee after the necessary deal is struck.

An employment agency on the other hand still owns the employee. Or the employee becomes a worker for the employment agency. I think this is not really good, do you agree?

Why do Employer use Recruitment Agencies

This question crossed my mind several times in the past. Why won’t the employer just go on and search for the type of people he wants to employ? However, after a few digging around, I came to see the wisdom in what employers do by asking recruitment agencies to find employees for them.

  • It takes a time to recruit – the corporate world is full of competition and no well-organised institution or company would want to lose out in the race. The time used in screening thousands of applicants every day can be used for something productive in the organisation, so why not look for someone to do the work.


  • Outsourcing is less expensive – time is money in every organisation hence why waste precious time to do a recruitment. Most recruitment could take several months to carry through. This may prove expensive for the organisation since some of their staff would have to be involved in the process, this leaves a backlog of work and hence a loss of time and resources



  • Recruitment agencies are thorough – employers believe that recruitment agencies would have time to do a thorough search for an employee who meets their specific requirements. After all, that is their job as well.

How do Recruitment Agencies work

What recruitment agencies do is to get a list of vacant positions from organisations, then publish them on the internet or job boards. Some of these recruitment agencies also serve as job boards so advertise the position on their website as well. Jobberman is an example of such recruitment agencies.

Mostly, the agency allows the job seeker to upload a cover letter and CV which is edited or shaped to suit the job requirements. Note, however, that no good agency would do this without first informing you.

If you have visited job boards or the websites of recruitment agencies, you would notice something peculiar about them. Very few of them mention the name of the organisation hiring because of the fear that the job seeker would apply directly to the organisation, meaning that they would not be paid.

This takes us to how these agencies make their money just to put people’s mind at rest over a potential thought of fraud.

How they get paid

The recruiting agency is paid by the organisation that contracts it to find employees. The popular notion that the employee pays the agency is wrong. Well at least when it comes to a recruitment agency, but others do take money from the employee or a part of the salary of the employee. I wrote on this in my post about job search, you can find it here.

Traits to look out for in the perfect Recruitment agencies

Finding a good agency and a perfect one as such could be a difficult task because when care is not taking, you might fall into the hands of the wrong once. The following should guide you to find a good recruitment agency at every level.

  1. The agency should have a high employee retention rate

This is very important. When researching a recruitment agency, this is very important and you must pay particular attention to this. After all, what is the point of putting your hopes in an agency that cannot guarantee you the job?


A high employee retention rate means that employees who get employed through a particular agency are retained by their employers without retrenchment. This shows that the employee is of quality and the recruitment agency is of quality as well, hence has a high credibility rate.


  1. The agency should be registered

An agency that is registered portrays trust and credibility. I believe you and I would feel safer when we know the agency we are about to deal with is recognised by the law. This means you are safe from fraudsters and scammers.


It also tells you how long the agency has been in operation and the future it holds for job seekers.


  1. Speed and Reliability

Speed and reliability are very necessary for every successful job search. A good recruitment agency is one that provides reliability when it comes to getting a job, and speed when it comes to how soon you can get a job.



  1. Build relationship

Relationship building means the agency is ever ready to offer after sale services or other support whenever you need assistance. They should be in a position to advise you on the best career tips and how to improve upon your qualifications and credentials.


This trait in an agency tells me that they are ready to ensure that I get the very best job offer whenever the opportunity presents itself.


  1. An agency that casts a wide net

Getting an agency that is well known in a company and organisational cycles are very important because that would guarantee that you land a job. A wide net means the organisation should be capable of getting new employer clients always, thereby expanding their employer database for employees.


  1. Offer a resume help

Resumes are meant to sell your credentials to a potential employer and hence must be well carved. An agency that takes a keen interest in their client’s resume is a good one. This is because they ensure that your resume is well tailored to suit the requirements of the potential employer.

This improves your chances of getting a job very fast.

Advantages of finding a job through Recruitment agencies

  • Recruitment agencies helps you save valuable time in your job search
  • They offer the very best employment opportunities in a specific industry
  • Recruitment agencies offer the best advice and best ways they can help you on your job search
  • A recruitment agency gives you 99% assurance you would get the job. Remember they don’t get paid without you.







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